Tuesday, December 4, 2007

DAILY ORAL LANGUAGE: ACT Preparation--Grammar, Usage & Mechanics & Rhetorical Skills Quiz 2--Friday December 14, 2007 Quiz

Daily Oral Language Assignments

Each day of Mr. McLaughlin's English 10B Class will begin with a short "sponge" activity. On some days we will begin with the ACT preparation assignments like the ones listed in this entry.

On other days we will be working with ACT/SAT Vocabulary words. For your convenience & for your study, these are being posted here for your convenience and to study for our in class quizzes.

Your learning of this material will be covered on our quizzes. We will have a quiz each two weeks.


Wednesday December 5, 2007--Quiz 2.3
ACT Test Preparation Passage I.4, Day 4.doc

Thursday December 6, 2007--Quiz 2.3
ACT Test Preparation Passage I.5, Day 5.doc

Monday December 10, 2007--Quiz 2.3
ACT Test Preparation Passage I.6, Day 6.doc

Wednesday December 12, 2007--Quiz 2.3
ACT Test Preparation Passage I.7, Day 7.doc

FRIDAY DECEMBER 14, 2007--Quiz 2

Monday, December 3, 2007

The VOCABULARY FRAME Method of Learning Content Vocabulary

VOCABULARY FRAMES: Vocabulary Learning Unit Strategy 2--Similar to The Frayer Model

Top Right Corner:
Write the word’s definition

Top Left Corner:
Write the word’s opposite and cross it out

Lower Left Corner:
Write a silly sentence that uses the definition of the word

Lower Right Corner:
Draw a graphic to help you visualize the concept

In the Center: Write the word & Isolate any prefixesIsolate the rootNote the meaning of the rootIsolate any suffixesLabel the part of speech in parenthesis