Saturday, January 14, 2012


To Kill a Mockingbird: Vocabulary with Definitions

Chapters 1-2

1. apothecary—one who prepares and sells medicines
2. assuaged—made less severe or burdensome
3. indigenous—occurring or living naturally in an area
4. malevolent—having or exhibiting hatred
5. mortification—a feeling of shame or humiliation
6. piety—religious devotion and reverence to God
7. sojourn—a brief, temporary stay
8. unsullied—spotlessly clean and fresh
9. vexations—irritations or annoyances
10. wallowing—heavily indulging in; rolling in

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Independent Novel Menu 1: Novel Specific Vocabulary

Part One: Novel Specific “Student-Chosen” Vocabulary Assignment

Choose ONE of the following assignments. Include a title and any necessary headings.

Independent Novel Menu 2: Vocabulary, Literary Terms

MENU TWO: LITERARY TERMS: If you know all of these terms and can prove it with Mr. McLaughlin, you do not need to complete this menu. Everyone will take a paper/pencil exam on these terms at the end fo the two weeks and two weekends.

Independent Novel Menu 3: The Journal Entries


Your task is to complete 10 JOURNAL RESPONSES (single-spaced, half-page, minimum in 12 point font and full-page maximum)to what you are reading. Divide your novel roughly into 10-14 sections (you have two full weeks and two weekends to complete the novel). For each entry include the date and the pages read.

To receive an "A" on this section of the menu, the student must complete 10 journal entries at an "A" level  To receive a "B" the student must complete "8" journals at a "B" level.  To receive a "C" the student must complete a minimum of "6" journal entries at a "C" level.

Independent Novel Menu 4: The Project


After you have finished your novel choose one project to complete. This project is a chance to challenge your creative side and show what you learned, enjoyed, or pondered on as you were reading. Each student must also complete a writing assignment based on the novel. A grade specific set of criteria can be seen following the list of projects.

Independent Novel Menu 5: Writing the Literary Analysis


Your final review must be typed in 12 point Times New Roman font. Your margins must be 1” maximum and the review/theme analysis must be double-spaced. You need to have an MLA heading on the paper. In the opening paragraph, you must include the title and the author of the novel.

Independent Novel Sample Paper

This paper demonstrates a good use of support to prove its point.  The paper, however, could afford to have a stronger attention getter/lead/hook.  So, if you use this paper as a model, be aware that it still needs work.

Be aware, that this typed paper needs to be in Times New Roman 12 pt. font, should be double-spaced, should have an MLA heading and the pages should have a 1" margin.

Hit the "READ MORE" link for some other helpful hints, directions and models. One doesn't need to read all of the links.  Please browse them and find one that best fits your style.