Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Independent Novel Menu 4: The Project


After you have finished your novel choose one project to complete. This project is a chance to challenge your creative side and show what you learned, enjoyed, or pondered on as you were reading. Each student must also complete a writing assignment based on the novel. A grade specific set of criteria can be seen following the list of projects.

1. Create a research project based on a topic that is related to the novel that is new to you or interests you. In your introductory paragraph explain how the topic relates to the book.

2. Draw, paint, sculpt in detail a color map of where a major part of the story takes place. Label the major landmarks or points of interest and describe what parts of the plot take place

3. Create a brochure to promote the book. Include a review of the novel wherein you try to get someone else to read it, a summary and a picture.

4. Write the next part to the story.

5. Change the ending to the story.

6. Explain how you would make your book into a movie-- who would
play the main characters, where would you film it, what would you want to emphasize. Would you make any changes to the plot? What special effects would you need to create? You must explain your choices.

7. Write two articles for a newspaper published at the time of a major event in your book. Use the proper format for a newspaper article.

8. Write an interview with one of the major characters of at least 10 questions.

9. Write several diary entries made by one of the major characters.

10. Do a collage of a major theme of your novel and explain in a well-written paragraph (link) what you are depicting in your collage.

11. Write a poem or series of poems (to equal 30 lines) inspired by
your novel (examples)

12. Find THREE songs that seem to relate to your novel. Provide
the lyrics and then write an explanation of how they relate.

13. Character Box. In a shoebox include 5 objects that would be meaningful to the main character. On a separate piece of paper, in a paragraph, explain why you have chosen each object

14. Create a powerpoint presentation of the book.

15. Choose an important scene in the book, write a script for the scene and produce the scene on video.

16. Create a series of original art in any medium (min 3 pieces) about the novel. Include a short description for each piece.

17. Create an attractive, interesting board game that incorporates parts of the novel (characters, setting, theme, plot)

18. Do an Internet search specific to you novel to get ideas for a project. Example (The Giver novel study). Email me first with the link to approve it.

19. Find a movie which dealt with a similar theme or subject and write a review of it explaining why it is like your novel.

20. Create your own original and creative assignment based on the novel.

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