Thursday, October 15, 2015

Opinion Speech Packet

Your Opinion Speech Packet

In order to be eligible to give this speech, students need to have all pieces of their packet completed. Missing any major speech will disqualify students from performance and constitute a late grade will be issued.

Opinion Speech Survival Kit: Rubrics, PSB-->
Purposes of Conclusioib Clinchers 

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(1) Your Topic Must Be Listed in the Google Doc that we issued in class.
(2) The Opinion Speech Speaking Block (please see the blog posting on this topic for the Opinion Speech)
(3) You also need to show your Audience Analysis by completing Bulletin Boards for each of your arguments, claims, main points
(4) You also can access a template to these note cards at
(5) A manuscripted Introduction following the criteria taught in class.

(4) Your graphic organizers that demonstrate your Order of Importance Organization of this Speech.

(5) A Manuscripted Conclusion of Your Speech Showing All of the Arguments and Support.