Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Works Cited Entries & Source Card Style

Works Cited Entries & Source Card Style

Duke Universities Libraries Site

This is a great site to help you understand how to handle "in-text" citations and "works cited" entries. Please make sure that you choose the Modern Language Association (MLA) entry. This site shows students how to handle "works cited" entries for a variety of other styles: APA, Chicago, Turabian and CSE. Scroll down for web-site link.

Pay close attention to the guidelines given at the bottom of each entry for specific important information that you must gather for each of the different types of sources.

Note: I would recommend that you letter and not number each of your souces. I think it is easier to keep them separate. Then, when you tie a notecard to a source you can use a letter and a number in the upper, right hand corner to indicate "which" source your note cards came from. Also note that the second line (and all others after it) of this MLA Entry should be indented. I also find it important to list the ISBN number, call number or location in the bottom left corner if one needs to find the source again for reference.

Printed Journals, Journal Article with Multiple Authors, Information from an Online Journal, Full-Text Article from a Database.

Magazines: Printed Magazines, On-Line Magazines, Full-Text Article from a Database.

Books: Book with a Single Author, Book with Two Authors, Book with Three or More Authors, Electronic Book, Article from Within a Book, Encyclopedias and Other Multi-Volume Books.

Newspaper Articles: Printed Newspapers, Online Newspapers, Full-Text Article from a Database.

Primary Sources: Letters, Interviews, Motion Picture, Online Digitized Collection.

Other Materials: Web Page, Online Posting, Email Message, Book Reviews, Government Documents

Do you want even more help? See Noodle Tools and Son of Citation Machine below.

Noodle Tools

Noodle Tools is a free tool to easily create MLA Works Cited pages. You need to go to the homepage, sign up for a free account and the site will take you through all of the other steps. Try it! You'll love it.

Son of Citation Machine

Citation Machine is one of many on-line cites that will assist a student who has gathered all of the "vital" information about sources: journals, books, newspapers, primary sources, other sources. Please have all of the important information collected if you want this "short-cut" to work for you. Also, make sure that you choose MLA as your "style".