Tuesday, April 21, 2009

English 10B Vocabulary: Unit 3 SAT/ACT Words

3.1 AMBIANCE (AM bee uns) mood, feeling; general atmosphere
Memory Link: Ambulance George did not enjoy the AMBIANCE in the AMBULANCE.

The AMBIANCE of the locker room after the team lost the championship was depressing.

For their daughter's birthday party, the Jeffersons' created an AMBIANCE of gaiety, decorating the gardent with bright balloons and ribbons.

The AMBIANCE in the Italian restaurant was delightful, there was soft music, candlelight and singing waiters.

3.2 GRANDILOQUENT (gran DIL uh kwunt) attempting to impress with big words or grand gestures
Memory Link: Grand Elephant The GRAND ELEPHANT made a GRANDILOQUENT speech.

It was another GRANDILOQUENT political affair; the candidates made the same old promises for lower taxes and more free services.

They may be eloquent, but here is nothing grand about pompous GRANDILOQUENT speakers.

The new teacher's GRANDILOQUENCE didn't fool the class one bit. She really knew very little about South American History.

3.3 GOSSAMER (GOSS uh mer) delicate floating cobwebs; a sheer gauzy fabric; something delicate, light, flimsy
Memory Link: CUSTOMER The spider's GOSSAMER captured many unhappy CUSTOMERS.

The bride wore a white silk wedding dress which touched the floor as she proceeded up the aisle to the altar. A GOSSAMER of fine Italian lace gently touched her face.

Between the audience and the actors on the stage hung a thing GOSSAMER of fabric, heightening the feeling that the actors were in a dream-like setting.

3.4 HARROWING (HARE roe ing) extremely distressed; disturbing or frightening
Memory Link: HARE ROWING A HARROWING experience for a HARE ROWING.

After the HARROWING experience when Eddies main parachute didn't open, and his emergerncy chute save him only at the last minute, he vowed never to jump again.

(HARRIED is to be troubled or bothered while HARROWING is to be frightened to the extreme.) At first we were HARRIED by the gang members and insulted, but later it became a HARROWING experience as they chased and threatened us with knives.

3.5 IRASCIBLE (i RAS uh bul) easily angered, irritable
Memory Link: WRESTLE BULLS When he became IRASCIBLE, the Masked Marvel would WRESTLE BULLS.

Normally, Rose was a pleasant wife and mother but if a member of her family prevented her from watching her favorite "soaps," she could become quite IRASCIBLE.

Uncle Tim was a real grouch, even on his birthday he would find a way to become so IRASCIBLE as a spoiled child.

The school principal became so IRASCIBLE even his teachers avoided speaking to him.

3.6 LASSITUDE (LAS uh tood) listlessness; torpor, weariness

After eating three servints of Thanksgiving dinner, George succumbed to a feeling of LASSITUDE and fell asleep on the couch.

Having worked for the cannery for twenty years without a raise, Charles became discouraged with his employers and approached his daily work with unenthusiastic LASSITUDE.

3.7 LACONIC (luh KAHN ik) brief, using few words
Memory Link: Grandma was laconic when giving grandpa his TONIC.

3.8 MYRIAD (MIR ee ud) an extremely large number
Memory Link: The trick MIRROR ADDs a myriad of reflections.

3.9 NOXIOUS(KNOCKS ee us) physically or mentally destructive, or harmful to human beings
Memory Link: Her overdose of perfume was so noxious that it knocked us off the bench.

3.10 QUEUE (Q) to form or to wait in line
Memory Link: The "Q's" formed a Q to jump into the alphabet soup.