Saturday, March 17, 2007

Interview Letter: Required for Interviews for Career Documented Essay

Preparing Your Business Interview Letter Using the Correct Format: See pp. 298-299 in Your WRITER'S INC. Book

Whether you do your interview (1) most desireable--live/face-to-face; (2) next most desireable--on the telephone; or (3) least desireable but acceptable--via email, this letter serves as a nice outline or script for your interview. It really makes your prepared to be successful.

This really becomes a nice script for the interview if you do it face-to-face or on the telephone. If you are forced to do your interview via email, this can be cut and pasted into the email.

These must be approved, revised and graded prior to actually using them.

The letter should be centered from top to bottom.
1" or 1.5" margins should be used for the letter.
The letter should be in Times New Roman 12 pt. font

Part I--Date: Insert Today's Date
March 15, 2oo7

Part II--Sender's Address, that's your address
Line 1--
Your Address or LC's Address 3504 Harry Langdon Boulevard
Line 2--Your City, State Abbreviation (double space and Your Zip Code or Council Bluffs, IA 51503
Line 3--Your Email Address
Part III--Inside Address (that's the address to which you are sending the letter or the address of your interviewee)

Part III--Inside Address, that's your address

Line 1--Interviewee's Full Name with Title Mr. Ford, Ms. Chevrolet, Dr. Hanson, Mrs. Kreger, etc. Make sure you have a comma after the individual's name.
Line 2--The Company, Firm that Your Interviewee Represents
Line 3--Your Interviewee's Address
Line 4--Your Interviewee's City, State Abbreviation (double space and Your Zip Code or Council Bluffs, IA 51503
Line 5--Your Interviewee's Email Address

Part IV--Salutation

Dear Mr. Smith, Mrs. Jones or Ms. (if you do not know whether a female interviewee is married) Henderson: (colon comes right after the interviewees name)

Part V--Body of the Letter

Paragraph 1--
Professionally introduce yourself, the project that we/you are working to complete (include in this the basic MPs that you are preliminarily interested in pursuing), and what you are generally looking to accomplish in the interview.
Paragraph 2--An introduction to the questions that you have designed. Make sure that these are open-ended in nature (they require more than a word/short phrase in response). I would suggest that you begin your questions with "Could you tell me about" or "I am interested in any moral, political, ethical, economic issues that cause you or your colleagues some concern about the profession." Make sure to have eight to ten good questions.
Paragraph 3--A request for a phone call or some other type of follow-up/contact or call to action. A sincere sentence (probably two) thanking the professional for his/her commitment to helping students learn about the career and, in turn, advancing the career.

Part VI: Complimentary Close

Best regards, or Sincerely, or Yours truly, (see the WRITER'S INC. BOOK for specifics here.
Four spaces (signature goes here in black ink)
Line 1: Your Name.
Line 2: Lewis Central High School English 10 Student

Part VI: Enclosures:/Copies to:/CC:

If you are enclosing any piece(s) with the letter, give the piece(s) a title and list it/them after the colon.