Saturday, September 15, 2007

The SPEECH (NOT ENGLISH) THESIS Made Easy: Fill in the Blanks


The thesis statement is what you prove in your speech. It's not that difficult to write one. This should have your subject, your opinion of your subject and provide an overview of how you will improve your opinion.

Remember, a thesis for a piece of writing and a thesis for a speech are different. You will never want to put "In this paper I will..."

Part I: THESIS SIGNAL/SALUTATION (Choose one for a speech, never choose one for a paper!)

In this speech I will OR
Today I will OR
In this morning's remarks I will OR
or write your own so it is appropriate and it sounds like you

Part II: THESIS BASE/STEM (Subject and opinion of subject)

__________________________________ (your general purpose verb) you

that ______________________________________________ (subject & opinion of subject)

PART III: PREVIEW OF MAIN POINTS (How you will prove your opinion)

by _________________-ing

(keep each MP short—bumper sticker”ish”...make sure that your MP has a point of view)


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