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Demonstration Speech Topic Selection


The goals of your demonstration speech could be: to demonstrate a process and give the audience information while using visual aids; or to show how to do something; or how something is done; or how to make something; or how something works.

Choose a topic that you know and enjoy. Your speech will be more successful and easier to do if you use this criteria. If you can't come up with good public speaking topics for a demonstrational presentation speech, then use the subjects listed below for inspiration.

Before You Take that Step, Consider the following:

-Is it something you know how to do well?
-Is it something your audience would like to learn?
-Is it a process that can be done in the classroom with the materials that we provide? (table, blocks, cutting board, knives, refigerator, freezer, microwave--please DO NOT bring knives to schooo)
-Is it a process that will result in a finished product?
-Is it something you can accomplish in the allotted time? (5-7 minutes)
-Is it something you can safely accomplish in the room?
-Is it something you can do legally in school? (no weapons, animals, alcohol or controlled substances)
-Which of your choices have enough potential to offer your audience valuable information?

Remember audience when you choose your topic.

Who are they?
What are their interests?
What do they like?
What are their needs?
Use these lists of demonstrative speech topics to develop your own topics for a demonstrative speech. It can be anything you like. As long as you are able to present the steps of the demonstration or process speech topics.
Topic Ideas--Food--Demonstrate HOW TO:

bake a pie,
decorate a cake,
make a non-bake cookies,
make a favorite family cookie,
make a better than hitting the lottery cake,
make different flavors of beef jerkey,
make an icee,
make puppy chow,
make a fruit cake,
make blueberry pancakes,
make muffins,
grill a steak,
make seven-layer dip,
make a Caesar salad,
make an Orange Julius,
make variations on grilled cheese,
make an omelette,
make a smoothie,
make homemade ice-cream,

Topic Ideas--Non Food


to set a dinner table for a formal dinner,
to plan the perfect date,
to make a pinata,
to pot or repot a plant,
to make a birdhouse,
to arrange flowers,
to polish shoes,
to stencil glass,
to make stationary,
to stamp greeting cards,
to make ornaments,
to color eggs,
to scrapbook,
to make a photo album,
to paint a shirt,
to make paper flowers,
to do wood burning,
to frame a picture,
to make boxes,
to make a dream catcher,
to finish furniture,
to hang wallpaper,
to make a basket,
to make a spool doll,
to make an Easter tree,
to make a dryer vent pumpkin,
to fix a bike tire,
to iron clothes,
to cross stitch,
to make a terrarium,
to set up a fish tank,
to tie a tie,
to make a wreath,
to wrap a package creatively,
to silk screen,
to carve wood,
to tool leather,
to repair a lamp,
to make a winter survival kit,
to carve a pumpkin,
to make a centerpiece,
to make a beaded necklace,
to make paper,
to tie dye,
to braid a belt,
to make candy airplanes or trains,
to make a wooden stool,
to make Playdough or Silly Putty,
to make a planter,
to dry flowers
to be a vegetarian
to fix a flat tire
to create a Halloween mask
to clean your car
to play piano
to change a bank cheque
to dress for a dance
to play a computer game
to make a blog
to make a web site
to organize a surprise party
to print a digital photo
to eat oysters
to register for voting
to make special coffee drinks
to read music notes
to learn playing guitar
to use your breath when you sing
to make your own root beer
to make your garden full of flowers year around
to build a resume
to clean your swimming pool
to clean your golf clubs
to make a fast summer salad
to make a new candle of old ones
to make your own wedding dress
to organize your wedding
to make a water-colour
to build a shed
to prevent injury
to develop the best serve in a tennis game
to knot a carpet
to manage stress
to relax
to become a good actress
to become a famous filmstar
to write a filmscript
to write a business-like letter
to harvest honey
to serve breakfast in bed
to blow a glass
to train your brains
to make a genealogical tree
to start a bed & breakfast
to become a policeman
to climb a building
to planning a party
to run a formal meeting

or demonstration speech topics related to yĆ³ur favorite sports
And so on ...

Other Ways to Get Ideas

Another way of inventing demonstration speech topics is by associating. Look at the general categories below. Can you come up with any good how to demonstrative speech ideas?
Food and Drink, Household, Sports, Recreation, Health & Beauty, Home Improvement, Decoration, Cars, Government Science, Nature, College Games, Culture, Etcetera ...

Delivery Of Your Demonstration Speech Topics

First and for all: think about the rules and time limit of the public speaking assignment. And apply these eight public speaking speech tips for delivering your demonstration speech topics:

1. Visual aids, like objects, actual items, models or drawings can help you.
2. Include personal stories and examples to illustrate your topics for a demonstrative speech.
3. Provide each audience member materials and ingredients to practice with.
4. Insure everyone is participating.
5. Look around you and see if your audience is following you.
6. Ask yourself if someone in the audience has to assist with your demonstration.
7. Close your speech with a memorable summary.
8. Ask if there are any questions about your demonstrative speech topic ideas.

By now, you developed a blueprint for a good demonstration speech topic.

CLICK HERE for a cool on-line topic selection tool. Or scroll down for Mr. McLaughlin's list of topics.

Didn't get your topic in the book? CLICK HERE to send an email reserving your topic.

Have another idea to add to the list? CLICK HERE and if it's good, we'll add it to the list.

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