Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Mobile/Show & Tell Speech

The Mobile/Show & Tell SpeechGetting to Know Some of Your Stories & Learning How to Use the Podium

What You Need: Two Hangers, Some Creativity, Five Objects & Five Stories
Helpful Hints: Bring Your Objects on Time, Stay Away from Lists of Facts, Have Fun

The Mobile Speech is the second different speech you will give. You have already given the first and second day Ice-Breaker Speeches. Most have you spoken at least three times already. Nice work.

You will build a mobile and hang objects that represent different aspects of you. You should work to choose objects that are creative and unique. Please keep valuable items off of the mobile. The mobile will be built entirely in class.

The main points for the speech are:

Value (Center): Choose an object that represents one of your values. Then, tell us a story that would "show us" that this is true in how you behave. Please stay away from values that most of us already hold important: family, activities, religion, education. Make your value an idea and not a thing. Usually when we value a thing, it's because there's something else behind it. Try to choose some other abstract idea like: liberty, the environment, peace, etc.

Embarrassing or Proud Moment (First Arm): Embarrassing moments need to be appropriate for a class room. They should also be something that's sort of funny as you look back on it. Stay away from bad embarrassing moments. We all have these stories. Tell the story of your embarrassing proud moment.

Hobby, Past Time or Activity (Second Arm): Tell us a story about what you like to do.

A Favorite OR a Pet Peeve (Third Arm): A favorite vacation, a favorite day, a favorite pet, a favorite place etc. You can also choose a "Pet Peeve" <--something that really bugs you. Personality Trait (Fourth Arm): Would your friends and family say that you are moody, funny, loyal, honest, flexible? What is one of your personality traits?

Double Click Here for an Electronic Version Evaluation Sheet You Were Given in Class.

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