Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ice-Breaker Speech Day 1 we one...sigh and it's time for one of those ice-breaking activities that many of us love so very much...  Whether you like them or not, hopefully you understand that the purpose of activities like this is to get to know each other a little, build a few new relationships, build community and understand our role in helping the group succeed.

Tonight you will think about the rubric that was handed out and created in class today.  You will  come up with:

(1) three things you do everyday that not everyone else does every day [could be play three hours of video games, eat six meals, brush your horse, babysit you twin sisters, etc];

(2) three downers or bummers [(from the last couple of months) shouldn't be a shattering tragedy--just a bummer like your mom's making tuna noodle for dinner, or you tore your ACL and will not be able to compete for the season, or you got in a car wreck];

(3) three high points [(from the last couple of months) doesn't have to be winning the lottery--can be a vacation or road trip you took, your grandma baked you a red velvet cake for your birthday, you hit a game winning homerun]:

(4) two dreams that you have for yourself or your life.

If you were gone on the day these were handed out in class, you can get a piece of color card stock paper from Mr. McLaughlin and draw this, OR you can print this on a home printer OR you can send it to your school email account and print it on one of Mr. McLaughlin's computers.  Students may come into Mr. McLaughlin's class before school, during lunch, during free time with a pass or after school to print materials that they need.  :)

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