Friday, August 14, 2015


Putting the Pieces Together

You've given your Mobile Speech and probably have learned who in your small group is your partner. Now it's time to put your first prepared speech for the entire class together. You'll remember the picture of the crazy tree from class? One branch grew watermelons, one branch grew cherries, one branch grew plums and one branch grew cherries. Remember?

Well, that's a comparison of a good speech and a good piece of writing. Each main point is like one of the tree branches. Although each branch grows fruit, it is a different type of fruit (a main point). Your job is to choose the two best pieces of fruit (supporting information stories) for that main point. Remember, it's your job to choose THE BEST fruit for your audience. Whenever, we speak, we are preparing something for someone else to eat (hear/process).

Use the skills of delving, open ended questioning, wait time, rephrasing and rapport skills to gather the other stories you need to harvest the best pieces from this tree (person).

Here are the pieces that you will need to be eligible to speak:

Checklist and PreSpeaking Block.doc

Peer Biography Checklist & GP SP AAS.doc

Teacher Peer Biography Evaluation Sheet.doc

Peer Biography Student Self Evaluation.doc

Here is what you will be allowed to carry up to the podium with you. Your partner will sit to your right. Go the link below the picture for a full page electronic version of this.

CLICK HERE for Graphic Organizer Large Note Card for Peer Biography Speech.doc

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